Frank Fang Name
Frank Fang portrait
Frank(Zhiyuan) Fang is an industrial designer who is currently enrolled in the Rhode lsland School of Design.In his years of practice, Frank took "form follows function" to heart and explored beyond the foundation principles of design in advanced subtopics revolving around Ul/UX, sustainability, and furniture design.

Frank believes that the outcome of design is the experience that it provides, and the product is the medium of that experience. With user centrism in mind,Frank continues to propel his projects with in-depth user research through various projects ranging from furniture to mobile apps

To inspire others with what he has learned. Frank is passionate about coaching other designers as he has worked as a teaching assistant at the industrial design department of the Rhode lsland School of Design To foster the design community in school, he is also actively involved in the IDSA club at RISD Chapter as a visual designer.

Outside of school. Frank has worked at Calen Knauf Studio. an experimental furniture design studio, as a design intern to gain experience from the industry. For the future, Frank is devoted to developing interactive products that are accessible to every user.