Built-in Navigation System on Dashboard

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To embrace the digital evolution of automotive industry, NAVl introduces a driving navigation system seamlessly integrated into the vehicle's dashboard. Embodying the pinnacle of modern vehicle interface design, NAVl enhances safety and user experience by providing essential navigation with minimal distraction. (Group project with Kethan Sivarapu)

Qualitative Research

15 minutes interviews with 3 drivers.
“Sometimes l miss my turns because of personal reasons, such as talking to the passenger and multi-tasking. One frustration is that you have to repeatedly check the screen on the center console and move your eves to check the road, and that is distracting for me.
“When using the navigation, it is easy to mess up or to be confused when there are multiple exists and lanes on the highway,and l have to check back and forth between the screen and the road signs.
“I try to look at the road all the time when l am driving, if lever look away it is maybe for the directions, speedometer, and sometimes gas indicator.

Problem Discovered

Most of the vehicle's navigation screen are displayed on the center console via the infotainment screen, outside of the driver's field of view. Such design creates distraction and potential hazard since it requires the drivers to remove their attention from the road to view the navigation while driving. It hinders drivers ability to respond to critical situations on the road.
Eyesight to Nav.
Eyesight to Road

Proposed Solution

A navigation system that can be viewed directly through the dashboard during the drive. Situated directly in front of the steering wheel, vehicles'dashboard aligns with the driver's field of view; thus, the info displayed can be read quickly and easily to minimalize distraction.

User Persona


Product Manager at Apple
Tracy's commute route includes dense city driving along with high speed cruising on the highway. Suffering from vision impairments, Tracy wishes a more accessible navigation display to satisfy her everyday use.
Having a calm driving experience and arrive on her destinations safely
Pain Points:
Has to constantly remove her attention from the road to view navigation on the center console;finds it unsafe

Information Architecture



Navigation In Use (Urban)
Navigation In Use (Highway)
Default 1
Default 2

Design System

Final Prototype

Responsive Figma Embed