A second life for your furniture and home appliances

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In the response to the drastically increasing furniture waste, Shelff is a second-hand trading plat form designed to promote second-hand furniture trading around school campus by reducing unnecessary disposal.


In the end of each school year, college students leave piles of unwanted furniture on campus, creating unnecessary waste for the environment...
How can we reduce the waste of furniture ?

Secondary Research

According to the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)...
Total landfilled furniture and furnishings in 2018 = 9,680,000 tons

“A significant proportion (19.5 percent) of furniture and furnishing waste was combusted for energy recovery in 2018, but the majority of this product sector was landfilled (80.1 percent).
General Furniture and Furnishings waste from 1960-2018
Generation of furniture and furnishings in MSW(municipal solid waste) was 12.1 million tons in 2018 (4.1 percent of total MSW), up from 2.2 million tons in 1960.

Qualitative Research

Interviews with 4 college students who lives on campus...
20 years old; sophomore; International Student
As an international college student,I don't know how to deal with my furniture for summer because loft en have to leave. Dealing with furniture and large items during summer time is really frustrating.
22 years old; Senior; Domestic Student
“I sold all my furniture to a few different people and it was annoying that they all had to pick things up at different times. It was too much of a hassle.
21 years old; Junior; International Student
“Depends on the quality of the picture, but condition really doesn't matter so much sometimes... the feeling of using second hand objects from a friend or some one in my school vs Rhode lsland stranger is different.
23 years old; recent graduate
“ have never discarded furniture or appliances since I moved in 2 years ago.l have a very old shelf that I don't use at all now. I stored it in the cabinet and I haven't discarded it cuz I don't know where to throw it out..


Problem Statement:
College students create excessive furniture wasteeach school year due to moving in and moving out.
User Persona
Name: Luke
Age: 21
International student at NYU
Brooklyn, New York
Rio. Brazil
Main Transportation:
  • Sell furniture easily and quickly
  • Find and buy premium furniture with good quality
  • Havina convenient andaffordable delivery whenbuving used furniture
  • Struggles with selling furniture within a short period of time
  • Discards furniture and appliances at the end of the school year because he can't find a buyer
  • Pays for expensive shipping fees or Uber to pick up furniture when buying


Proposed Solution
Design a campus - centric mobile market place that encourages college students to acquire and sell affordable pre-used furniture/home appliances with ease
Project Scope
App Users
Posting Items Online
In Scope
Acquiring Items Online
Out Scope
For the recycle chain to function, the app needs to beused by both the buyer and the seller. For this project, Ichose to focus on the development of the app for thesellers, who will be the main propulsion of the cycle
Design System
Interactive Elements
Style Guide
Figma Prototype